Edit #3: Fashion Week Then & Now...


NY Fashion Week 


After speaking to a few of my peers and fellow lovers of fashion, this topic has frequently come up. Has New York Fashion Week changed over the years? Well in my humble opinion, yes it has. I have been watching Fashion Week on tv since the 3rd grade. If you live in the NY/NJ area there was a channel called WLIW if I'm not mistaken, that used to stream all the shows during Fashion Week live and I became obsessed. During this time the shows were filled with editors, buyers, and essentially all the who's who of the fashion business.

Flash foward to 2017 and it seems like there isn't any, for a lack of a better word, exclusivity. I am not one for excluding anyone but these days it seems like it is more about the events than the actual fashion. I must admit that I wish I could be invited to one of these amazing fashion events but my views are just based off of history. Some would argue that the bloggers are the people who watered down Fashion Week and I couldn't disagree more. Bloggers are very influential when it comes to the fashion business and have built a segment in the industry that was at the time untapped. Marketing as we know it has forever been changed. Social media has taken over.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My fist show was BCBG where I actually got an invite. At the time I was working as a specialist. I was beyond excited to be at an event that up until then I only saw on tv and trust me no one appreciated that experience more than I. As I was fortunate to tag along this season as a plus one I definitely noticed the difference in the fashion scene but as all things there are phases. Fashion Week may not be what it was but nevertheless an amazing experience. What are your thoughts? Has New York Fashion Week changed? Let me know your thoughts!

Laquan Smith